The Future Legends International (TFL International) is a full-service sports management agency located in the government capital of the Netherlands.
It is focused on efficiently positioning individuals active in the sports industry. As we find the concepts of ‘Player’s Agent’ or ‘Manager’ to be conservative,
we like to present ourselves as potential backbone of your career with expertise in personal counselling, career planning, contract guidance, coaching,
investment planning,and tax and legal advice. Moreover, another aspect that sets us apart is our expertise in marketing, branding, image building,
and our use of multi- and cross-media marketing campaigns. Through clear objectives, we support athletes in their pursuit of results in the broadest sense
of the word..


Meet the back office.

We get challenged and inspired by talent: Inspired by potential and challenged by awareness that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.
We understand that a successful sports career will not go off a hitch. Pleasant to meet, we are The Future Legends International B.V.

Farhood Keramati
+31 (0)6 28 21 97 60

Wiraj Ramparichan
+31 (0)6 52 00 49 70

Luthmarnick Maria
+31 (0)6 53 60 99 65

Ömer Karabulut
+31 (0)6 24 59 85 90

“Succes is walking on the road of failure
without loss of motivation.”

Why choose us?

The team of The Future Legends International is originated by a fusion between young top entrepreneurs
in the field of fiscal law, accountancy, marketing, legal counseling, branding, football scouting, entertainment,
career planning and investment management. We stand out by our in-house offer of specialists within our mentioned
expertise field.

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