How we see it.

For years, contracts and agreements are the foundation to each formal collaboration. But with the massive revenue growth in the sports industry over the last 30 years, the complexity of legal aspects regarding sports law increased. Court decisions changed the game which could have consequences for each individual active in sports. TFL International understands this game by heart providing you legal and contract support with passion.


This is how we work.


Making sure you understand the way we think when it comes to legal and contracts. Signing an agreement is always part of making a deal. We think that you should never put the future of your deal in hands of the counterparty. Our in-house specialists are thrilled to tell you more about this.

Legal scan

In order to provide you the best contract support possible, we need to know your legal position according to current deals. Our team will execute a legal scan to decide our starting position for future contract negotiations. We believe that a good start is half the work.

Contract negotiations

Securing your position when it comes to sponsor agreements, endorsement contracts and player contracts without being unreasonable. We think that everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation will be easy is another thing. Regardless the situation, our in-house legal team is too experienced to back down..


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