How we see it.

As football club, you can have the best strategy and the best complex in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts, passion and minds of the players who work with you, none of it comes to life. We think true leadership isn’t about just having an idea. It’s about having an idea and scouting the right players to execute on this vision. With over years of experience in football scouting, TFL International can be seen as excellent partners in the search for the right players who connects to the club’s strategy perfectly.


This is how we work.

The wishlist

As trusted partner, we will dive into the club’s ‘wishlist’ regarding the player(s) profile.


We will expand the ‘wishlist’ to our network and start our real-time scouting activities in the search for the highest possible match based on the player(s) profile.


We will provide a comprehensive professional reporting with our recommendations and all relevant player(s) information including but not limited to: strength, speed, ball control, game overview, technique, effort and agility. We believe that knowledge is power.


Success story.

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