How we see it.

TFL International has the philosophy that sports professionals these days have to be seen as artists or brand products. In these industries it’s all about image building, branding and marketing which they convert to durability, sales, value and success. Due to the worldwide digitalization, online visibility plays a major role in marketing and branding these days. Still we think the sports industry is behind the times when it comes to marketing and branding. That’s why we’re convinced that a brand-new era asks for a modern approach. Anticipated on today’s marketing and branding standards, we work from the bullet point ‘online visibility’ strengthened by a multi –and cross-media approach. That means combining online visibility together with offline visibility in the broadest sense of the word.


This is how we work.


Images say more than a thousand words. We make sure your online presence will be kept fed with the right content to extend your message. Whether this should be lifestyle content or licensed match photography, our in-house and partner photographers got you covered.


Personal branding is about managing your name. We see a personal brand as what people say when you’re not in the room. Together with our in-house experts you point out the best branding strategy which connects flawlessly to you as a person and the message you want to transfer to your audience. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We make sure you get the perfect look for the perfect feeling.

Design & video

Our in-house creative team is lord of the manor when it comes to visual concept & video design. We can translate your identity into refreshing and speechy content. Here at TFL International, our creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.


The point where al intersections come together. At this point our team will set up a plan which tells you what marketing platforms you should use, where your audience is located and how to reach your audience effectively. This will be presented in a blend we call the ‘marketing mix’. We think that good marketing makes your person look smart, but great marketing makes your audience feel special.

Social Media Management

We think social media expands the universe and is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and platform to anyone willing to engage and makes it possible to spread and collect information faster than ever. To get the maximum out of your social media, special knowledge is required to: increase range, publish the right content and engage with fans the perfect way. Let us guide you through the Social Media maze where statistics will be the driving force behind your social plan.


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